NK - URGENT: Gulf War Land Allocation

Angus angus at okom.net
Fri Feb 26 18:43:16 PST 1999


Thorvald Egilson

If I may speak for Alton's
Plague-y Pack of Bastards
or is it
Pack of Plague-y Bastards

we have confirmed reservations for

01    Angus
02    Torfin
03    Marty
04    Kegan
05    Alton
06    LongShannks
07    Triston
08    Kathy
09    Galloch
10    Frank
11    Viggen
12    Matias
13    his wife
14    the other guy
15    Kenman
add in to that My Brothers
16 Nickolai,
17    Mordrious,
18    Stazzie
19    Lailin Da2rkridge ....
20    Ldy Loren binte Tin
21    Hannan Kel Rel,
22    Ld Karl von der Morgenstern
23    and Lydia von der Morgenstern.
24    Niko
there are 4 others that are planning to camp with us later in the week
but they are not confirmed with me yet

I am sending this same email to everyone involved so that I may improve my
chances for good land and plenty of it

I could send a list of all the tents that I have but I spent hours
rearrainging the camp to fit us all with some small common areas
and tightly packed tents

so It boils down to this
I need a plot 85 foot by 175 foot
some of us have BIG tents
At least 5 pavilions and 1 GER

thanks for the help



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