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 Long-lost 350-year-old scholarship fund rediscovered
 10.40 a.m. ET (1541 GMT) January 4, 1999

 ARITZO, Italy (AP) — A long-lost, 350-year-old scholarship fund endowed by
 a feudal lord has been discovered and will soon benefit six poor university
 students, a newspaper reported Monday. 

 The fund was endowed by Clemente Loddo, the lord of the northern town of
 Aritzo, who died in 1641. But his will was lost for centuries and no
students ever

 The fragile parchment was discovered recently in the papers of the Loddo
 Foundation by city officials, who found that Loddo's land, mostly groves
of oak
 and chestnut trees, had been taken over by a neighboring town. 

 The will directed that it be sold and the proceeds used to educate needy

 The town of Aritzo confiscated the land and has sold most of it, the Italy
 newspaper said Monday. 

 The scholarship fund now amounts to $132,000. The report said Aritzo plans to
 give the money to six students. 

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