NK - Lillies War

Hugh Niewoehner hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Thu Jan 7 14:02:33 PST 1999

Here's a little more.
> I am currently putting together the battle scenarios for the War of the
> Lilies.
> We have 7 days of battles, and are planning 3-4 battles each day.  4 of those
> days will be on the main battle field, 2 will be at the Lilies fort, and 1
> will be in the woods.
> This is your chance to suggest battles you would like to fight/see.
>    Here are a few of the battles already planned: The Royal Dinner  - Watch as
> Counts and Dukes battle over the dinner table; Flatrock Ford - a bridge and
> ford battle; Fort Ericsson, Mandrake Keep and Castle Kensor - just a few of
> the battles taking place at the Roman fort; and don't miss Gilligan's Isle;
> Shrewsbury Town; Volkmar's Vale; Aldhelm Field.  More suggestions?
>    Fernando

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