NK - Another Fire in Northkeep

Christopher Merle merle at webzone.net
Sun Jul 11 13:12:11 PDT 1999

At TYC feast Roger and Renee Walker, Drago and Dirgelion, were called to
the back of the hall. They were informed that their house in Tulsa,
Northkeep, had been burned and that it was a total loss.

Their misfortune came to be known by the rest of the SCA in attendance and
the hat was passed to help them. It was heartwarming to see so many people
to help their fellow SCAers in need.

I do not have all the details concerning their loss but a lot more
assistance will be needed to help them restore their home. This is the
second fire within two months to strike members of Northkeep. Pam of
Northkeep have lost their home as well.

I do not know what they will need to help them get back on their feet but
any help I'm sure would be appreciated.

Ld. Konstantin Drozd
Chris Merle

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