NK - Light Weapons Question

Merrik Viltar Har Marrock at msn.com
Wed Jul 14 17:08:38 PDT 1999

: don't have the vital stats on this). My fencing instructor at OSU
: witnessed a person being stabbed in the thigh with a broken foil.
Does he have any pictures we can see...

: Everyone I have asked so far agrees with me when I ask "Do you
: think that rapier combat in the SCA would be terminated if their
: was ever a death caused by a broken blade?" The answer was yes.
: And they also agree that if a death is ever caused by heavy weapons
: fighting that it would not be the end of heavy weapons combat in
: the SCA.
Absolutely disagree, after all they haven't "banned" group skydiving for the
simple purpose of setting some record in some book. If we wanna beat the
hell out of each other or stab the pee pee out of each other then, as free
citizens of this country, we can. We give away our legal rights by
acknowledging the danger and that silly waiver thing (although many say NO
waiver will hold up in court). I am also sure some idiot somewhere will get
hurt and then try to blame the SCA, which should hold absolutely no water.
Perhaps a personal suit against an officer for negligence in their duty, but
as long the the injury or fatality was provided to a person who willingly
and with foresight went onto a field of battle, understanding and aware of
the danger, we should only have to endure a wake. Back to skydiving as an
analogy, chute makers are still making chutes, even after people have died
using them. Same thing, different outfit.

For that matter, pro-wrestling, boxing, football, long-distance running,
bycicling, skiing, mountaneering, car racing, motor cycle racing,  have
killed, and we still have those organized activities. I bet there are very
few sports that haven't killed. Oh no,... are we lagging behind?!?!?

: I realize their are a lot of legal issues that would be raised
: (not to mention the bad press) involved here. I know the rapier
Personally I think killing off a few may add to the mistique and excitement.
But I am a heavy fighter, an adriniline junkie, have never minded a few
stitches, and believe wholeheartedly that life should be based on quality
NOT quantity.

May lawyers never get SCREWed ever again.


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