NK - Request for Asistance

Ciana ciana at geotec.net
Sat Jul 17 06:16:46 PDT 1999

Better add my name to the list of people needing a house!
My situation was caused by a disaster of another type ....My Additude...
Had words with the land lord now she is pissed.... bigtime.... and I got us

We have 30 days
and its out we go

We would like to find a :
5 bedroom ranch house
3 bathrooms
Dining room

And a detached Garage
for less than $500.00 a month

But we will settle for:
 3 bedrooms
1 bath
2 car garage
$700.00 a month

If any of the familys that need a house
want ours It will be available no later than  16 August
3 bedrooms
1 Bath
1 car Garage
$600.00 month

Landlord and owner are 2 different sort of cows but they stay out of your
hair as long as the grass is mowed and rent is on time

good luck to all

I will pass on any info that I have to the rest of you!

Give me some Idea of size and price range
for each Family

Also when I move I will have furniture that is not moving so if any body
wants it they can have it

On a seperate note

My computer is in the shop will be out for 3 days using the wifes box so I
donot check mail regularly
for Important things We can be contacted at 449-8088


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