NK - Celtic Spangenhelm...and Britain's King Alfred

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Thu Jul 22 15:35:38 PDT 1999


Wynfrith posted, in part
I appreciate your sending out an email about the Ebay Spangenhelm,
but you could have saved yourself alot of money by keeping it a secret.
Thanks for the information, and good luck on the auction.
   I'm not bidding on this items but maybe it'll be a help to some of
you. It looks really sharp, but, for one thing, it would have to be a
LARGE helm to fit my noggin.
   On another note; A London A-P story on one of the national
newsminutes this afternoon states that archeologists think they've found
the grave of King Alfred of Britain, who died 1100ish years ago. The
burial site, according to the story, was thought to next to a parking
lot in Winchester.

   Have a great day!

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