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>To all the new comers,
>WELCOME!!!   Make yourselves at home, pull up a seat, grab a cold beverage,
>borrow some garb, play with the fire, etc, etc!

I would like to second that, please do join us... Either at the heraldic
to-do, or at the park, depending on your interests....

>You are very welcomed and invited to attend populace on Monday night, and
>just about any other scheduled "official" meeting.  But instead of going to
>that namby pamby heraldic thingy Saturday, come on out to the park and
>sweat....I mean enjoy the wonderful July sunshine and refreshing Oklahoma
>breezes with all the fighters.  We'll be looking for you!
Now Alton, you know one of my favorite things is the sound of rattan meeting
flesh, but even *I* don't really enjoy the surface of the sun too much. I
mean, you know here in Northkeep it's not exactly a dry heat... but just the
same if you'll show up & fight, I'll show up & fight... I mean, how bad can
it be?

>(I like Heralds almost as much as Bards, especially fried with honey

Certainly, variety is the spice of life... I like Heralds lightly sauteed,
served with a mushroom garnish....Bards, are more like carp, there's no good
way to fix them...


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His:"Stop slapping. I'm silly already..."

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