NK - Heraldic Commenting what is?-Answer

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Fri Jul 23 17:24:02 PDT 1999

Anyone can attend, but it is basically set up to go over the submissions for 
registration of names and devices, before they go on to kingdom for approval 
or rejection. The purpose is to offer expertise to those who are developing 
their names or devices,  before they submit them for registration, and to 
review completed submissions, to help make sure that any potential problems 
can be corrected.  This is done, so that the individual can be better assured 
of  his or her choices being approved.

This doesn't guarantee that they will be, but we help to make sure that, to 
the best of our knowledge, your registerable  name, & or heraldic device has 
the best chance of being passed by the national College of Heralds the first 
time through. We hope to have folks avoid as much disappointment as possible, 
and still get close to what they want to portray.

If this still sounds vague,  don't worry, it will make sense in time. Again, 
you are welcome to observe, but it is a working meeting, so be prepared to do 
a lot of "silent sitting". The Heralds are always at your disposal, even 
outside the meeting, when you are ready to put together your SCA names (& 
devices too), so contact Lord Etienne De St. Amaranthe for that.
 Thanks for Asking!

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