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Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at utulsa.edu
Tue Jul 6 15:49:24 PDT 1999

On Monday, Valstar wrote:
>   Has anybody stayed in any of the hotels around Canton. Know of any
>ones to avoid like the plague?

We've stayed at the Day's Inn, and the Best Western is nice too.
Don't know any to avoid...

>Is the camping there comfortable (been
>13-14 years since I camped out a night. Is the electricity readily
>accessible, for such non-period items as a box fan and computer,
>printer, and freezer, (well, at least the box fan)? : )

The campsite is very "mundane"--well maintained paved/gravel access roads
& parking lots, security lights, a big showerhouse with hot showers and
flush toilets.  You can buy ice at the showerhouse too.  There are water
and electrical outlets throughout the main camping area.  If you bring an
outdoor extension cord, you should be able to have a fan in your tent.

If you get tired of camp food and want a taste of mundania, we
recommend Two Senoritas (Tex-Mex) or Dairy Palace (burgers, etc.).
These restaurants and the two hotels we mentioned previously are all
near the I-20/Hwy 19 interchange.

Etienne & Rosamund

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