NK - Toy Tourney

Bethor2000 at aol.com Bethor2000 at aol.com
Wed Jul 7 23:14:12 PDT 1999

As my favorite movie hero would say" The greatest joy in life is to drive the 
defeated toy tourney participants before you, see the misery on the face of 
undeserving baronies, and to hear the lamentations of their whiners!"

Lets collect so many toys, that they won't even be able to find any toys to 
buy!  When we arrive with our mountain of toys that blots out the midday sun, 
not only will it truly and absolutely shame them for being the lame, pitiful, 
half grinches that they are, but it will also stand as a testament to our 
Barony's generous nature.  

I say, if they are going to whine, there is really nothing that we can do 
about it.  It comes along with the SCA, just like rattan, body odor, and cold 
beer.  But if I have to endure the caustic accusations and whinery, then I 
say lets produce a biblical flood of toys that will really give them 
something to whine about!

So dear friends, as my team mate Frank and I are often wont to say; Buy your 
toys early, and buy them often! The coming struggle between the generous and 
the unclean approacheth!


Santa mit uns!

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