NK - Revel vs Bardic Guild.

Scott Fridenberg scottf at webzone.net
Wed Jul 14 19:11:53 PDT 1999

Anawyn at aol.com wrote:

    That works for me.  Bardic Guild is 7ish at Anawyn's.  If anyone needs
directions contact Anawyn.


> Well, there will always be conflicts when you have busy barony, full of folks
> who enjoy each other so much they just look for excuses to get together,
> because "we is just such a fun bunch". I agree with Rowan, certainly you
> could attempt to do both, and if not, Pam knows we love her, and this is not
> the first, nor shall be the last time we have events that "bump bums", so to
> speak.
> The Bards are set for 7-ish, if you get enough requests to move it up so that
> those who want, can attend both, that is fine with me - just let me know!
> Anawyn :->

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