NK - Light Weapons Question

Tim Kwasny tkwasny at ArkansasUSA.com
Thu Jul 15 17:18:13 PDT 1999

Greetings, Friends, from HL. Therese Giovanni -
This great kingdom is now just past it's twentieth birthday.  Rapier combat
has been a part of this kingdom (and others) for a very very long time. In
fact, I believe Don Tivar was one of the few people left standing last
weekend when they asked for all but those folks who were at Ansteorra's
first coronation to sit.   I know that my dear husband has posted on this
subject, but any talk of splitting up the SCA into separate Medieval and
Renaissance groups chills my heart, and I have a few words to add.

>Everyone I have asked so far agrees with me when I ask "Do you think that
rapier combat in the SCA >would be terminated if their was ever a death
caused by a broken blade?" The answer was yes.
>And they also agree that if a death is ever caused by heavy weapons
fighting that it would not be the end >of heavy weapons combat in the SCA.
The SCA would split into a medieval group and a renaissance >group, because
I do not believe that the rapier community would simply hang up their
baldrics and play >heavy.

Rapier combat IS an intergral part of The Society.  I would not cut off my
hand if I pricked my finger.  I could probably survive with the
disfiguerement, but I would be less than what I am today.  The mixture of
time periods and cultures, The Anachronism part of SCA, is what makes it
If, by some ill fate, a death were to occur in any SCA activity, I hope that
we would mourn together, console and support each other, to uphold the
Society part of SCA.

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