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merle at merle at
Fri Jul 16 08:23:48 PDT 1999

>Just a note.  I have some pome pertinant data.
>A number of years ago there was a series of injuries within the community.

>I caught a posting from a gentleman who is mundanely a military surgeon.
>He analysed the events and the nature of the wounds and performed a risk
>assessment on the sport in general. I'll post it to those interested. 

Please do so. I want to thank Tim for posting the stats on the Olympic
fencing deaths, 4 in the last 50 years. I will reiterate my question
if a death were to occur due to a broken blade would the SCA ban
light weapons? The consequences are enormous. I'm a firm believer in
preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

I will continue to play light weapons because I see the risks as
acceptable and they are very low. And if the unthinkable were to happen
and the SCA banned light weapons I would be willing to help form
a new group devoted to late period stuff.

I think we should push for banning foils in this Kingdom.


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