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>LOL! Okay, now can't someone be BOTH the fighting type and the


Auntie Em (Etienne) is such a person, it's not like we don't have

It is just that there's something *wrong* with someone who likes getting up
before everyone, strolling thru the camp and yelling things like: (this is a
quote, but fortunately for Auntie Em not from him!)

Wakey Wakey Wakey
Time for all the little Lords and Ladies to get up!
Wakey Wakey Wakey
The sun is shining! The birds are singing
Wakey Wakey Wakey
Get your toys and go get inspected!
Wakey Wakey Wakey
(and so on)

(shudder) See what I mean?
I will admit it did work... the comatose rose from their slumbers like
zombies crawling from fresh graves... lusting after living brains, or
perhaps just the tripes of that danged yodeling Herald...

A good bard, on the other hand, shows up after dark, - right about
suppertime in your camp say -  and wants to sing.

You give them food so they won't....

Who *knows* why no one has suggested cooking stick jocks... Eeewwww
Icky-yuck. It is pretty much the same reason very few people will eat their
pets - you know what they've been eating...)

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Hers:"Not in MY house, you don't!"
His:"Stop slapping. I'm silly already..."

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