NK - King Arthur Pendragon Faire (Archery & Music)

Christopher Merle merle at webzone.net
Sat Jul 24 14:57:36 PDT 1999

My Lady Toinette and I went to the Pendragon Faire Saturday. It wasn't bad
for a first time renfaire. We heard an excellent musical trio called
Tullamore. They played mostly Scottish tunes. At first we thought we were
hearing recorded music, but then we looked around and saw them.

Their is a small archery range on the site. The lord, Bear, it running was
originally from Vatavia but does renfaires now. He hosted an archery
tournament in the afternoon. The entry fee was $10 and the prize was $50
gift certificate for merchants that are at the faire. Alas, I did not win.
You must bring your own archery equipment for the tourney.

The site has lots of shade trees. Though it was hot it was not unbearable.
Admission is $8. It runs Sunday and next weekend. It is real easy to find.
Get off Turner turnpike at the Stroud exit. Go north on Hwy 99 till you
reach Stroud lake road and follow the signs. Directions are available on
the website.


>For those of you who are not going to Queen's Champion you may be
>interested in going to a nearby Ren Fair not in Muskogee.
>It's in Stroud, OK. And if you're not sure where it is, go to OKC
>on the Turner Turnpike until you see the destroyed Tanger Outlet
>Mall. It's about an hour away. It's put on by some outfit called
>Green Knight Publishing.
>King Arthur Pendragon Faire
>July 24-25 & July 31-Aug. 1st. 1999
>The Game Shop was selling advance tickets at Conestoga but I don't
>know if they are selling them at the store. It's 8 bucks at the gate,
>6 in advance.

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