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>> Well,  how do I enter some of the activities?  I know that one has
to Authorized before they can do rapier, and that sort of thing, but
what about the A&S, chess, live steel etc.,<<

You don't have to authorize to compete in A&S or Chess.  I'm not sure
what you mean by live steel? If you are talking about knife spear and
axe throwing competitions, you don't need to be authorized and these
sports are enjoyed by a VARIED cross section of the Society, including
children.  There are rules and if you're interested we can get you

>>I would love to enter some cross stitch or crochet, I do not know
about the rules, if any for such things.<<

That kind've varies from region to region and competition to
competition.  It's pretty basic though.  When you enter A&S  What you
need is documentation.  A short paper will do.  Maybe half a paragraph
or up to as many pages needed depending on what the entry calls for. 
Documentation should include: How, what, where, and why (not
necessarily in that order)
When you did it.
Who you are and where you're from.
Some "proof" that this was an Art/science done in period.
When this might have done in period.
How they would have done it.
If you did it differently than they did explain why.

Hope  this helps,
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