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Thu Jun 3 16:02:05 PDT 1999

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: Greetings, everyone!
: I am finally subscribed to the Northkeep list (It's about time too!).
: I just wanted to post something to the list to remind everyone that the
: Ensign Tourney for Northkeep is scheduled for June the 5th at Woodward
: Park.  I want to encourage all in our rapier community to come and
: participate.  Don Timothy and I are planning a fun list, which will be a
: variation on a Swiss Five tourney.  I will be at the park at 9:00 A.M.
: or so to help get things set up for it.  Also, don't forget Robert and
: Kostia's revel that evening.
: Saturday should be a fun day for everyone, so please come and show your
: support for our rapier community.
: Hope to see you there!
: Ly. Tamara

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