NK - [Fwd: Song of the shield wall translated for moderns]

Hugh Niewoehner hughn at ssd.fsi.com
Wed Jun 23 07:13:35 PDT 1999

> Hurry, oh big boat sailing the ocean,
> Stuff like beersuds on the waves of the sea.
> 'Cause Hengest our leader has called us from Europe
> To Vortigern's England to join his army.
> We will get paid there in better than money,
> Better than getting Express Cards of Gold:
> For Hengest will give us all real estate titles,
> Real estate for all us Saxons to hold.
> Run, Army GI's, down to the river.
> Viking-boats dock when the water is high.
> Your weapons, all high-tech (for 9th century Vikings)
> Are needed again by the cold river-side.
> Fight all together, o you drinking buddies.
> Later when the TV-movie is sold,
> They'll show that we died for our nearest and dearest:
> Those real estate titles we Saxons still hold.
> Move, elite crack troops, north to the border;
> Harald the Viking has crossed the North Sea.
> His ships hold fierce troopers, all wild dudes from Norway,
> He wants England's crown, top CEO to be.
> He will be bummed when we poke them with our spears,
> Really pissed off--, but still he'll be told
> That he's getting nothing but plugged in a graveyard
> Near real estate tracts that we Saxons do hold.
> Hurry, King Harald, to Stamford river;
> You beat the Vikings, your men have worked hard.
> But William the Conqueror (whose mom wasn't married)
> Is trashing the land- whose value you guard.
> Line up your troops for the Battle of Hastings,
> Fight until sunset when the air gets cold.
> Then you will get slaughtered by the Norman army
> And they'll get that real estate Saxons did hold.
> Jenna of Southwind
> (after "Song of the Shield Wall" by Malkin Gray and Peregrynne Windrider)


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