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Ian and I are already participating in the walk this year through work.  We
think it would be a great idea if Northkeep would make up teams next year.
Maybe we can get Balvin and some other knights to do a "Knight night walk"
for the cancer society.
(We won't be at the demo...we have to walk in Pryor at 11: pm.)

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> American Cancer Society's Relay for Life
> Union Intermediate Center
> 76th Street South and Garnett Avenue
> The A.C.S. is having a 24 walk fundraiser that starts at 7 p.m. Friday the
> 4th of June. Teams set up camps to support their team members who are
> actually on the "walk clock". We have been asked to perform a
> demonstration
> of our organization between 7:15 p.m. and 8 p.m. for both campers and
> walkers.
> We will meet at the Union Intermediate Center which has a Track and Field
> Oval. We will be located on the inside of the track towards the North East
> part of the oval next to the children's tent across from the
> sound stage. If
> you don't see one of "us" our contact person is Sarah Smiley or any
> volunteer in a red event shirt.
> I have a layout map which I have scanned into the computer that I will
> forward to anyone interested.
> Merrik
> p.s. the seneschal and the hospitilar (as do I) think this might be a hoot
> for us to try and participate in next year.... community service
> and all...
> m

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