NK - Gulf War Prep

Scott Fridenberg scottf at webzone.net
Fri Jun 4 11:29:16 PDT 1999

Sounds good to me.  I should be back out to practices soon.  When is fall Meles?


Sigen3 at aol.com wrote:

> Greetings to the list!
> I would like to pass along a friendly challenge from our fellow Ansteorrans in
> the south.
> Baroness Neassa from Stargate writes:
> some snippage here:
> <<We are also forming a melee unit, complete with matching livery and
> rules...
> Sir Alexis, being the most vocal member of
> the group (I never thought I would find someone who could talk more than
> me...) has already been issueing challenges to other organized units
> such as the Northkeep/Moonshadow Unit, and our first appearance will be
> Fall Melees.>>
> So what do you say guys?  Regional practices until Fall Melees, then go
> whup em?  (All in the name of good clean fun of course...NO Regional Wars or
> anything like that)
> Sounds like something right up our alley, and loads of fun to boot.  All of
> you
> guys who love to melee, lets get after it!
> Sigen
> whojustlovesitwhenourguysdogood

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