NK - Demo

Angus angus at geotec.net
Fri Jun 18 16:38:03 PDT 1999

How could I forget the ornamentals
many appologies
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Date: Friday, June 18, 1999 8:47 AM
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>     Hey, Angus,
>     You forgot the numerous (2) ornamentals who showed up and got to stand
>     around and look good (and play marshal/crowd control).
>     For those who weren't there, it was a large audience and they had lots
>     of cookies and punch for dinner.
>     sofia-b
>Angus said:
>Special thanks to all the artisans who showed (1)
>and the light weapons fighters                        (0)
>and last but not least the core of the demo circuit the heavy fighters (2)

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