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Addington, Debbie, A daaddington at saintfrancis.com
Fri Oct 1 08:11:49 PDT 1999

I was stuck here in Tulsa while Daylight did their inventory last night.  I
had time to kill while waiting for Perry to get off work.

Went by woodland hills and there is a music warehouse.  I spent an hour in
that place.  Then out of curiosity, I went to the classical section and
found........great stuff.

They have/had a very small selection of middle ages music.  Some of it was
broke down by year even.  
I purchased one cd, but only because all the other choices were in french,
latin, german.  It is called The King's Delight,  it says 17thc but some
might be earlier.  The older stuff I hope to get as well.

I purchased a second cd by Sequentia.  some of you vikings may have already
heard of them, but then again maybe not.  
Anyhow, think Icelandic dialect of the 13c, gregorian chant to Voluspa, etc.
I will admit this isn't for everyone.
It is sung in 13c Icelandic, but has the english translation inside the
booklet.  Nice surprice for me there.  They include a summary of the
research they did to get to what the cd is composed of.

Now after sharing my excitement, someone bring me down and say they knew
about this along time ago.  :)


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