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Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Sat Oct 2 21:50:59 PDT 1999

I do indeed regret I was not able to attend the tournament, but
the revel was most delightful!  Master Beorhtlic hosted a fire circle in
which the conversation was confined to the period pre-1650.  This gave
us all an opportunity to "play persona" which was most welcome and
illuminating.  I highly recommend we do this again at another event or
	On a less happy note, has anyone heard regarding Dirgelion's
daughter Amy?  She suffered an apparent severe asthsma attack at the
revel (though never having had it before, but it can happen--it did to
me) and the last we heard, she was being taken to the Minor Emergency
Clinic.  Has anyone heard if she is all right?
	My apprentice, Robert, also suffered a mishap--injuring his back
during the tourney.  Robert, I may be the "Mistress of Pain" but this is
not what I had in mind.  Are you okay?  Please let me know.
	On that topic, I will jump into an area that is very definitely
not my field of expertise--that of SCA combat.  It occurs to me that a
number of 'weekend warriors' may be setting themselves up for injury due
to, perhaps, training or fighting too hard after days of office-level
activity.  This is a recipe for hurting yourself through muscle strain
and tearing.  Could some thought be given to warmup stretches or
exercises before fighter practice or a list begins?  I realize I am
interfering in a subject I know little about, but I am concerned about
people getting hurt, which is not fun, in pursuit of a sport that is
supposed to be about having fun.  What do others think?  Of course these
are not the kinds of injuries that are life-threatening or require a
trip to the hospital, but take it from someone who knows back pain and
doesn't want anyone else to have to, these minor tears and sprains can
be most debilitating.  And it's not always possible to evaluate at the
time just how bad it is--it usually manifests the most painful symptoms
the next day.  Again, my apologies for my interference; I felt that this
was a topic worth addressing since the health and enjoyment of all who
play in this Barony is important to me and all of us.
	Congratulations to Wilhelm de Kaalavo for his victory on the 
field and our new Dionadair!

					Being a bit of a mother hen

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