NK - Last weekend and Missing everyone!

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Mon Oct 4 17:03:56 PDT 1999

The Suarez Family wrote:
> Hi all,
>  Well, we are SO terribly dissappointed that we missed Dionadair and the
> revel. I hope you missed us too! Sounds like everyone had a blast!!  As you
> all know, I have been ill for some time. As we are not prepared to make a
> "formal" announcement just yet, suffice to say that I expect to continue to
> be ill for another month or so, and I'm not a bit contagious! =) I am
> dealing with extreme exhaustion and varying degrees (usually extreme) of
> stomach distress 24/7! We have a doctor appointment the 22nd, perhaps then
> we will stop being so "elusive and vague". LOL! We have missed everyone a
> great deal....and feel like we are missing out on everything! Have patience
> with us please until we settle into this!
>  I guess I missed the 'nekkid tax' discussion. What's that about?
> Don't forget us!!
> Janece (and family)

	Missed that one myself.  Guess the 'nudity tax' is when members
show up to populace, meetings, etc. in mundane clothing rather than
garb.  Offender pays a dime or quarter or so, goes to group's coffers,
all in good fun and a gentle reminder that garb is preferred.
	I certainly hope you make a complete recovery and can have fun with us
again soon.  Take care.


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