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Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Wed Oct 6 16:42:46 PDT 1999

Rebecca M. Heydon wrote:
> So...when do we do a day of sewing???
> Rowan
> (who is looking forward to the Garb in a Day class and has bought even
> *more* fabric in preparation)
> end

	Let's see...this weekend is Protectorate (got plans, anyway),the
weekend of the 16th is, I believe, Bardic Guild, the weekend of the 23th
is Margrave, the weekend of the 30th is Samhain...I could try to work it
in on the 16th or 17th if there is a good consensus on that weekend, or
if not many are planning to make Samhain (I'm not), that would be really 
good.  I'd prefer the 30th, myself, but I don't want to conflict with
Eldern Samhain if lots of you who plan to attend the class want to go
to that event.  I will also need a location to hold it with a fair
amount of space and parking (my house is small and has a parking
problem), so I'm looking for volunteers.  Maidenhair has volunteered her
home in Foyil, and I'd be willing to go there, but if we do, I cannot
manage the 16th.  I have a commitment to go to Bardic and it's a big
mistake for me to plan to do too much in one day with lots of driving.
Input, everyone?  I'd love a good turnout for this class, it's lots of


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