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Addington, Debbie, A daaddington at saintfrancis.com
Fri Oct 8 05:54:29 PDT 1999

The 30th would be great for me.  Awaiting input from others.  
Baulsac is having his own samhain party, so we should have alot spooks
coming in and out of the house, but otherwise they would leave us alone.

I have lots of electrical outlets, dining table, a 6 ft wooden folding table
that I could set up and a kitchen island that can easily set up for either
cutting or sewing machines.  

Parking is anywhere you like on my 2 1/2 acres, just not in front of the
house.  That's where my leach field and septic are.

I would love feed back on this as well.

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> Rebecca M. Heydon wrote:
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> > So...when do we do a day of sewing???
> > 
> > Rowan
> > (who is looking forward to the Garb in a Day class and has bought even
> > *more* fabric in preparation)
> > end
> 	Let's see...this weekend is Protectorate (got plans, anyway),the
> weekend of the 16th is, I believe, Bardic Guild, the weekend of the 23th
> is Margrave, the weekend of the 30th is Samhain...I could try to work it
> in on the 16th or 17th if there is a good consensus on that weekend, or
> if not many are planning to make Samhain (I'm not), that would be really 
> good.  I'd prefer the 30th, myself, but I don't want to conflict with
> Eldern Samhain if lots of you who plan to attend the class want to go
> to that event.  I will also need a location to hold it with a fair
> amount of space and parking (my house is small and has a parking
> problem), so I'm looking for volunteers.  Maidenhair has volunteered her
> home in Foyil, and I'd be willing to go there, but if we do, I cannot
> manage the 16th.  I have a commitment to go to Bardic and it's a big
> mistake for me to plan to do too much in one day with lots of driving.
> Input, everyone?  I'd love a good turnout for this class, it's lots of
> fun.
> 					Catrin

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