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Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Mon Oct 11 19:38:09 PDT 1999

Terry Burgett wrote:
> What is winter kingdom?
	As the founder of wInterKingdom, I'll give a stab at answering 
	In the doldrums of post-Christmas Ansteorran winter, a lot of
groups held a "Twelfth Night" event with a feast.  Northkeep was one of
them.  However, in order to stand out from the rest, when I became
autocrat I proposed holding all-day classes, followed by a feast and
revel.  Partly this was due to frustration that King's College
(Ansteorra's collegium event)was held only once a year and usually
someplace far away.  I thought we could do a collegium event too, and
maybe draw more people.  The "Inter" in wInterKingdom came from the days
when Ansteorra held an "InterKingdom Peace" with Calontir, our neighbor
to the North, and I solicited help from them, since they had a sizable
database of teachers due to their highly organized Kingdom University of
Scir-Hafoc (pronounced 'sheer havoc' I kid you not).  In those days
there was a lot of crossover between Northern Ansteorra and Southern
Calontir and we got a lot of good teachers from there and other Kingdoms
	I autocratted the first three wInterKingdoms, then turned it over to
fresh meat, er, volunteers.  If I'm not miscounting, this January will
be wInterKingdom 10.  It's become quite a nice collegium-
feast-revel and we still get a fair amount of teachers from out of


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