NK - garb class

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Thu Oct 28 15:26:18 PDT 1999

The Suarez Family wrote:
>  I don't expect to make it to the garb class. I have felt just plain awful
> this week! Saturday if I don't get some laundry done, we are all going to
> have to go naked, and I don't mean the kind where you just get taxed!! I
> have gotten so behind on everything since I have felt so poorly. Hopefully I
> will feel like getting some of the things done that MUST be done, and if
> not....well, I don't know.
>  Anyhow, have fun, but don't expect us....I'm sorry!!
> Janece

	We'll surely miss you, but we'll do it again.  Perhaps we can
get together next week briefly on your garb situation.  Take it easy and
talk to that doctor of yours!  Too long feeling so bad is not good for
you or your precious cargo!

				Childless but full of advice

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