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I also enjoyed the persona fire circle.  Though I did not participate much,
expect to listen.  It was very warming.  :)

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> I do indeed regret I was not able to attend the tournament, but
> the revel was most delightful!  Master Beorhtlic hosted a fire circle in
> which the conversation was confined to the period pre-1650.  This gave
> us all an opportunity to "play persona" which was most welcome and
> illuminating.  I highly recommend we do this again at another event or
> revel.
> 	On a less happy note, has anyone heard regarding Dirgelion's
> daughter Amy?  She suffered an apparent severe asthsma attack at the
> revel (though never having had it before, but it can happen--it did to
> me) and the last we heard, she was being taken to the Minor Emergency
> Clinic.  Has anyone heard if she is all right?
> 	My apprentice, Robert, also suffered a mishap--injuring his back
> during the tourney.  Robert, I may be the "Mistress of Pain" but this is
> not what I had in mind.  Are you okay?  Please let me know.
> 	On that topic, I will jump into an area that is very definitely
> not my field of expertise--that of SCA combat.  It occurs to me that a
> number of 'weekend warriors' may be setting themselves up for injury due
> to, perhaps, training or fighting too hard after days of office-level
> activity.  This is a recipe for hurting yourself through muscle strain
> and tearing.  Could some thought be given to warmup stretches or
> exercises before fighter practice or a list begins?  I realize I am
> interfering in a subject I know little about, but I am concerned about
> people getting hurt, which is not fun, in pursuit of a sport that is
> supposed to be about having fun.  What do others think?  Of course these
> are not the kinds of injuries that are life-threatening or require a
> trip to the hospital, but take it from someone who knows back pain and
> doesn't want anyone else to have to, these minor tears and sprains can
> be most debilitating.  And it's not always possible to evaluate at the
> time just how bad it is--it usually manifests the most painful symptoms
> the next day.  Again, my apologies for my interference; I felt that this
> was a topic worth addressing since the health and enjoyment of all who
> play in this Barony is important to me and all of us.
> 	Congratulations to Wilhelm de Kaalavo for his victory on the 
> field and our new Dionadair!
> 					Catrin
> 					Being a bit of a mother hen

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