NK - Tourney/demo/revel

Rebecca M. Heydon rebecca-heydon at utulsa.edu
Mon Oct 4 06:28:31 PDT 1999

Thank you to all who came to the festivities on Saturday.  I actually had a
couple of e-mails from people who came to the park just to see the SCA and
now want to join!  Obviously, you all did a wonderful job in making the
rounds to talk and answer questions.  Well done!

I'd also like to thank Etienne for doing such a good job at heralding.  It
certainly made my job all the more enjoyable.

Thanks to Their Excellencies for hosting another enjoyable revel.  I hope
everyone had fun in spite of the abrupt taste of Fall we got Saturday night.

And vivat to Lord Wilhelm, the new Dionader.  Gluf Wars should be a most
interesting time! :-)


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