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Tue Oct 5 10:59:33 PDT 1999

Since I know that there are one or two nice people 
around her trying to research this topic -- I just found 
the following work suggested in a bibliography:

Guichard, Pierre. Al-Andalus. Estructura antropológica 
de una sociedad islámica en occidente. 2a. ed. Granada : 
Universidad de Granada, 1998 616 p. ; 23 cm. (Archivum ; 
51) Facsímil. Edición original, Barcelona: Barral 
editores, 1976. Bibliografía: p. 577-610. ISBN:  
843382449X.  The 1995 edition is ISBN: 8433820400.
They are both a little under $30.  No english 
translation I can find.  You might see if Amazon has one 
or the other.

This is supposed to be a major work, redirecting all 
"real" research in the field for the next 30 years, or 
so the author of the book I'm reading claims (Thomas 
Glick, _From Moslem Fortress to Christian Castle, 
Social and Cultural Change in Medevial Spain).  
Unfortunately since it was written in Spain and English 
speaking researchers are notoriously bad about reading 
other languages, Glick feels that it's been horribly 
overlooked by us'ns.  

Guichard has also written _Un Señor musulmán en la 
España cristiana : el ra'is de Crevillente [1243-1318]_
about which I know nothing.

If you all have already read it, let me know how it is 
please.  If it's not worth reading, I won't go to the 


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