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What she said.

Though seriously, I highly recommend Onelist.  I currently manage two list through them.  The
Raptor mailing list and an Ansteorran Protegee's list.  It's very easy to do.  Also if you have a
large family or SCA household, you should look into setting up a mailing list through these
people.  I have been very happy with them so far.

--- Jerry Herring <herring at viagrafix.net> wrote:
> If you want to set up a list you can do it by going to a few places on the
> Internet without having to get new software.  Our ship has a mailing list
> through onelist.com.  You should be able to go there and find out how to do
> it.
> Kelandra
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>     To those of you who regulate this list...
>     Mornin everyone, I have a question for the manager of the list.  Where
> did you get your software from???  I'm in need of a mailing list. . . and I
> need a server, pleaaaase mail me back at ...
>     laron at mmind.net
>     Thanks for the patience. . sorry for the waste of space...
>     Laron

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