NK - Speaking of nudity.....

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Tue Oct 12 05:22:12 PDT 1999

Yes, I do have an ironing board and an iron.  I also have a tabletop ironing
I have many folding chairs and bar stools.  seating should not be a problem
at all.  During holidays, I have as many as 50+ family and friends that I
cook and entertain for, so I always plenty of seating.  :)

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> madnhair wrote:
> > 
> > I would be very happy to get that ready for the Saga.
> > The time is good as well.
> > I am with you on my weekend rising, after working all week, I usually
> take a
> > few extra winks.
> > Now that the winter is coming, my bones will need to be warmed up and
> all
> > that.  Lady I can sure associate w/ the walking straight first thing in
> the
> > morning.  :)
> > 
> > Maidenhair
> 	Oh!  I forgot to ask: do you have a working iron and ironing board? 
> Though it is against my religion to iron clothing more than once a year,
> I consider it vital for sewing purposes (kind of like a papal
> indulgence).
> 	If not, I can bring mine.  Also, do the attendees need to bring
> chairs?  I will have my two folding chairs in the trunk along with all
> the other stuff.
> 	I'd also like to stress that, although this may seem like a hen
> party, men are also welcome.  Who knows, you might like making your own
> garb.  It's not that much different from making armor, except it weighs
> less.  The more the merrier.
> 				Catrin

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