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Carla (Aka, WhizKid) cpeek at sepl.lib.ok.us
Tue Oct 19 16:45:02 PDT 1999

We're holding it at the fairgrounds in McAlester.  if you're coming off 69, get off on Carl Albert, and follow it out of town. . . bout three miles. . . and you'll see it on the left.  The Expo building is on the same property, and it's hard to miss.

If you're coming off 75, get off on the first exit to McAlester & Calvin.  Swing a left, and follow until you see the Expo on the right.  It does have lights.  

If all else fails. . . Try Yahoo!.

Hope I helped. . at least a little.

Ldy. Laron

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    When I asked where it was I was asking for more precise directions
    I know it is in McAlaster but it is a large place. I'm guessin it aint at the prison
    and that is the onlyst place i know hoho
    I hope everybody who can is planning to fight it should be fun
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