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> The Canton of Rundel (formerly Gnomon Vale, and I swear, that's the
> last time I'm going to tell you) is proud to announce our upcoming
> tournament this weekend.
> We are particularly proud to have reached a milestone of five
> tournaments. I'm sure some of your groups can't remember back that
> far. We are techincally still the youngest group in the north, and we
> are now five.
> For anyone not getting the Black Star, Margrave/Vormund is in
> McAlester, at the Pittsburg County Fairgrounds, now called the Expo
> Center. If you are traveling the Indian Nation Turnpike, you will come
> to the fairgrounds before you come to McAlester.
> This year, the site/feast fee is combined, $12 adults, under 18, 5
> dollars, 12 under completely free.
> Along with our titled combats and bardic and missle tourneys, Sunday
> we will conduct our first Blood Melee.
> Our troll booth has moved this year. The building that has the
> concrete floor, feast hall, tavern will also be troll. Please share
> that information with the newfolk.
> Come have a wonderful time with us this weekend!
> Ly. Britta the Red
> Seneschal, Rundel
> --
	Can anyone tell me what time the lists commence on Saturday for

			Desperately seeking a schedule

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