NK - Re: Cooking show goes medieval<Correction>

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Fri Oct 29 04:41:57 PDT 1999

I would love to have those recipes!

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> minor correction here.
> They are at Foodtv.com in the "Cooking Live Primetime" area
> not the "cooking live" area.
> For convenience here is the url to the page where they are.
>  http://www.foodtv.com/fn/recipes/reclist/rcookliveprime.htm
> > the recipes for everything should be up at foodtv.com in the cooking
> > live section. they seem to have their dates not right on the listings
> > but if anyone is interested in the recipes i will email them to you if
> > you want them, just drop me a note.
>  Tristan de Rochebrune
>  Bois d'Arc, Calontir
>  jrmapes at ckt.net

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