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Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Sat Oct 30 11:22:59 PDT 1999

Susan O'Neal wrote:
> Your Fabulosity Catrin,
> Thank you so much for the garb class.  I am ready to sew, again.  I think I
> will start with an overdress with gores for Peg and then make up pants for
> everyone.  Peg didn't want to go alot for awhile and I will probably spend
> some time sewing.  I need to get some more garb together since there is a
> nudity tax, the stuff I have now isn't stuff I would just wear everyday, so
> that is the next order of business.  How much variety and number of outfits
> do most people around here have?
> Thank you again for sharing your wisdom,
> Susan
> shamrock at intcon.net

	You're welcome for sharing my "fab" wisdom! Ha!  Actually, I'm
not the most reasonable person to ask about how much in number & variety
of outfits since I have a ridiculously large amount of both.  It's not
based on need, but desire to do a project that drives me.
	Think of it this way: Shoot for enough garb to get you through
a three-day event with temperature extremes ranging from below freezing
to above 90 degrees, with comfy hanging around-type clothes to garb you
would want to be wearing if you were called up in court.  This would
probably be a couple of pairs of pants, one in lighter and one in
heavier fabric (such as corduroy), a couple of knee-length or so tunics
in light and heavier like cotton sheeting and cotton flannel, a couple
of comfortable dresses that were easy-wear but looked nice, like the
gored linen gown you looked so nice in, and a set of really fine full
persona oufits with all the trimmings, and a cloak that was good and
wide and lined for warmth.  That should get you through about anything.
Think of garb not as costumes, but as comfortable clothes you live in
while doing SCA.  And enjoy them!  They're for having fun in!

					Gotta go sew myself

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