NK - Nudity Tax

The Suarez Family somerled at mciworld.com
Thu Oct 7 07:49:46 PDT 1999

> Not a problem...just took me rather by surprise... :-)
> Rowan

I started the questions I am afraid! I noticed the comment and wondered if
that was what it meant. I wanted to be prepared in advance since between
money (or rather lack there of) and the fact that most of the time I haven't
felt like rising from the couch, I still have no garb! I just wanted to know
so that if I did feel like attending something soon (and I feel a bit better
this week so maybe!), I could be prepared to pay taxes. Which is fine, I had
absolutely no doubt that the money would go for a worthy cause.....I'd just
hate to do my usual not bring a purse and have no change/pockets and be
unable to fufill my tax responsibilities!

Sorry if I inconvenienced anyone!


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