NK - Great garb class

Tony And Catherine Lackey catan at webzone.net
Sat Oct 30 21:17:16 PDT 1999

madnhair wrote:
> Though I only took notes and drew little pictures, I too learned alot.
> *some about other things too* :<
> I went out today and purchased enough fabric to make a couple tunics, pants,
> and underdress w/ gores.
> I can not wait to get started!  Thanks bunches
> Maidenhair

	Don't worry about it.  If I got what was coming to me for all
the mistakes and bad planning I've made, I'd have been hanged years ago.
It's the same class whether I'm teaching two or twenty. Glad we had a
good time and you guys got something out of it.  I generally don't have
a lot of confidence in my teaching abilities and wonder if I'm making
any sense at all.  Looks like maybe I did this time.


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