NK - A&S form in email form that can be emailed back to me.

FalanMacF@aol.com FalanMacF at aol.com
Tue Aug 1 18:40:07 PDT 2000

Everyone please complete this so that I can better serve as A&S Minster by 
knowing what everyone does  & what everyone is interested in doing.

Faolan MacFarland

A&S information for Northkeep.
 Information can be emailed to me at falanmacf at aol.com
 SCA Name:
 Mundane Name:
 Phone number:
 Email Address:
 Skill: Would you bee willing to teach? Comments:
 Would you have problems with people contacting you directly?   Yes/no  Any
 Would it be a problem to have any of this information on our web page?
 Yes/no Any comments:
 Skills you would be interested in taking class on or working individually:

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