NK - Fwd: [The_Raptor] Warlord - Need a Ride - me too

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Thu Aug 3 20:25:58 PDT 2000

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tkwasny at ArkansasUSA.com writes:

<< I've been racking my brain as to how I could pick up one or the other of 
 guys, but I just had all of the coolers that will have food in them packed
 into the van (to get them home to fill them), and I think that I am going to
 have to fit Kate in with a shoe-horn tomorrow.
 Therese >>
Heh heh...  You would have been *really* frazzled to show up and find out 
that nothing at the site was working because they weren't expecting us this 
weekend wouldn't you?  That was almost the case!  T-grim and I took the 
trailer out to site and Roger said " you guys aren't out here *this* weekend 
are you?"  We said oh, yes we are... He said he would get everything turned 

Dodged a bullet this time!  Whew.....


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