NK - RE: Shoe stuff

Vanessa Goins ly_isabela at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 3 22:11:20 PDT 2000

Oh!  For Heaven's sake  Don't bust your chops over this!  I'm not in
THAT big of a hurry.  I was just wondering.  It will probably be awhile
before I can start a new project.  :-)

--- Marc Carlson <marc-carlson at utulsa.edu> wrote:
> > Diarmid, could you resend the url for your page please?  You do
> have
> > the patterns/instructions for the simple slipper design on it don't
> > you?
> > -Isabela
> http://www.personal.utulsa.edu/~marc-carlson/shoe/SHOEHOME.HTM 
> No, I don't -- I've been really lax about redoing a number
> of the specific
> pages there - that being one.  I'll see if I can get the
> design up and available
> by Monday.
> Marc/Diarmaid

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