NK - Cyber Event

Lady Neeve Drakesbane neeve_d at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 4 04:26:06 PDT 2000

Greetings,  I would like to schedual an on-line
meeting to take place in the ansteorran Yahoo Club
Chat room with and without Voice chat.  Please let me
know, if interested, what a good day and time will be.
 If you do not have a Yahoo I.D. and are not
interested in getting one, we have some "loaner"
i.d.'s that you can use for the meetings.  I hope that
we can all pull this off!  Please contact me as soon
as possible...In Service to the dream...Morgan and
Lady Neeve
P.S.  yahoo is free, and doesn't hurt, I Promise :-)
and it only takes a moment to register for it.
There are 77 clubs at Yahoo under the SCA catagory...

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