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Sun Aug 6 19:06:29 PDT 2000


The NR Warlord event was great.  The weather *was* hot, but the pool was 

The new NR War Champions are:

Archery, HE Barn Silveraxe of Wiesenfeuer (Carrying on a fine Baronial 
Thrown Weapons, HE Burke Kyriell Mac Donald (No one is more surprised then 
Bard, HL Giovanni de Cellini (Super Bard)
Artisan, Lady Gwenhyver verch Morgant (I'm sure I butchered it... sorry)
Rapier, Lord Yoshi Hokkumori  (returning for a second year)
Chivalric, Lord Wiggen Jonsson (the littlest Jonsson)

Special thanks to all the returning champions who ran their events to choose 
their replacements.  Everyone had a good time and we appreciate your service.

The Tavern was fun.  The food was good and the service was saucy.  For a mere 
gold coin, you could partake in the hospitality of a fine little inn. (there 
was lots and lots of good *wholesome* fun)  Thanks to everyone who made it a 
fun time.  Vivat HL Terese and her staff!

Court was short and fun!  Ask HE Barn, or HL Robert to tell you what happens 
When Heralds go Bad:-)  Congratulations to HL Terese, Don Timothy, Lady 
Anawyn, and Faolan on their Cornerstones.  Vivat!

Thanks to all the groups who donated prizes for the champions who stepped 
down.  There was a cloak, hand made trim, baskets filled to the brim, amber 
and a bocce ball set.

Thanks also to Lady Kelandra and Faolan for all their hard work as the 
autocrats of the event.  They did a wonderful job!  Look for the new banners 
they made for each champion to carry till next year.  

Thanks everyone for a great event.

Sigen Northkeep

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