NK - Shoes for Orphan Souls

Tim Kwasny tkwasny at ArkansasUSA.com
Mon Aug 7 17:52:48 PDT 2000

At Northern Regional Warlord this past weekend, we offered free bagels and
coffee in the feast hall (due to the fine example at Castellan!)  A few
folks were skeptical about getting something for nothing, so I decided to
put out a donation cup for those who really felt like they had to give
something in return.

Today, Kate and I bought two pairs of new shoes and donated them to Shoes
for Orphan Souls.  Buckner Orphan Care International is collecting new
shoes, laces, and socks for children ages 2 to 18 living in Russian,
Romanian and Chinese orphanages.  The main donation drive is this month, but
they will be accepting shoes until the end of the year.  They have a
website, but I don't have the address at this time.

Maybe some of these shoes will be worn by Kate's "sisters" at the orphanage
in Changsha.  Since children tend to outgrow shoes before they wear out,
maybe 4 or 5 little pairs of feet will benefit from those shoes.

I thank all those who donated!


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