NK - TEXTILE VIKINGS...they shall sail again!

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 9 09:44:11 PDT 2000

NO! No! NO! Why is it that all of the best raids
happen when I am off visiting aged relatives?????  I
have yearned to raid and pillage for seasons now! can
we possible have a small scouting party out before
--- Anawyn at aol.com wrote:
> Whilst splashing around in the "fjord" this weekend,
> my companions and I came 
> to the conclusion that it was probably time to set
> sail for a cloth raid once 
> again. We felt that the festival, known as Labor
> Day, would be a good time to 
> spring upon the unsuspecting textile merchants. It
> has also come to our 
> attention, that there is a new location for us to
> despoil, a place belonging 
> to one "JoAnn", at 41st and Yale, as the crow flies.
> We shall also require sustenance on our journey, so
> be thinking which at 
> tavern we would enjoy bringing the occupants to fear
> and trembling, as we 
> regale our deeds over a tankard of  good tea. 
> Because we are an equal opportunity band of
> warriors, men of a matriarchal 
> inclination, are also welcome. If you are man enough
> to survive in an 
> estrogen rich atmosphere, come join us!
> The day will be upon us soon, so trim your sails,
> repair your sestets, and 
> get ready for action. The Saga continues.....DRAPE
> Your Comrade In Plunder,
> Yardegud, Textile Viking

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