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As of last Populace - Wed night Fighter Practice has been moved back to
McClure Park.  I believe all the other information, like time etc, is the

McClure park is west of Memorial on 7th Street (7440 E. 7th St)

>From Hwy 244 (East or West), exit left on Memorial, turn south (toward the
McDonalds), proceed south until you reach 7th St and then turn right.  park
will be on your left down the street a bit

Y'all have fun!

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I thought fighter practice was moved back to McClure at the last populace
meeting?  Effective this week?

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Well you will be late if you go to McClure being that we havn't had practice
there for some time.  You want to go to TU.  Take hgwy 51 to 169 N. Take
that to 244 W.  Then take the Delaware exit.  Turn left and go to 5th st.
Turn left and go to the end of the road.  Turn Right then into the parking
lot on the left.  Thats where they are.  If I have anything wrong with these
directions please someone correct me.  I forget sometimes :)

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What streets are near McClure park as I am planning on being at fighter
practice and don't want to be lost.

Owen ap Aeddan

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