NK - Fighter Practice

Rick Drake ainarm at home.net
Wed Aug 9 13:05:23 PDT 2000

Well thats what I get for missing populace and opening my mouth too fast :)
At least I said to correct me if I was wrong.
Don't know if I will be there tonight or not.  Who knows.
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Subject: NK - Fighter Practice

>As of last Populace - Wed night Fighter Practice has been moved back to
>McClure Park.  I believe all the other information, like time etc, is the
>McClure park is west of Memorial on 7th Street (7440 E. 7th St)
>From Hwy 244 (East or West), exit left on Memorial, turn south (toward the
>McDonalds), proceed south until you reach 7th St and then turn right.  park
>will be on your left down the street a bit
>Y'all have fun!
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>I thought fighter practice was moved back to McClure at the last populace
>meeting?  Effective this week?
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>Well you will be late if you go to McClure being that we havn't had
>there for some time.  You want to go to TU.  Take hgwy 51 to 169 N. Take
>that to 244 W.  Then take the Delaware exit.  Turn left and go to 5th st.
>Turn left and go to the end of the road.  Turn Right then into the parking
>lot on the left.  Thats where they are.  If I have anything wrong with
>directions please someone correct me.  I forget sometimes :)
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>Subject: NK - McClure park
>What streets are near McClure park as I am planning on being at fighter
>practice and don't want to be lost.
>Owen ap Aeddan

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