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In case some of you aren't on the northern regional or ansteorra list.
Mistress Faoileann and Baron Don James Nevarre have suffered a tragic loss
as stated in the post below.

Please contact Baroness Ceridwen for more information, her address is
included in the message below.

In sorrow,
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> (please forgive multiple postings)
> Sad tidings from the Shire of the Wastelands.  The father of Mistress
> Faoileann and Ld. Cyril Northstar was missing, presumed dead following a
> boating accident.  His body was recovered by the diving team yesterday.
> Services for Joe Shellito are pending at French's Funeral Home, Truth or
> Consequences, NM.
> Faoileann, Cyril and their families (Baron Don James and Ly. Sephrena) are
> giving comfort to their mother.  Your thoughts and prayers for our friends
> and their  family at this difficult time are appreciated.
> In Sympathy,
> Baroness Ceridwen Tir Gwastraff
> Shire of the Wastelands
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